Computerization in the Philippine National Police spans more than a decade of hard and pioneering work. The Service has gained much since its precursor, the Philippine Constabulary Data Processing Unit (PCDPU), was established 44 years ago on October 18, 1965. The Unit was renamed three years later as Crime Information and Data Processing Center (CRIDPC), concentrated mainly on collating crime- related data from field.
It became the Constabulary Computer Center on March 1, 1972 but its main task remained as the nationwide crime data bank for use in crime studies (made) accessible to law enforcement agencies on a direct inquiry basis. On January 13, 1988, the Constabulary Computer Center (CCC) was renamed PC/INP Computer Center. Upon the creation of the PNP under RA 6975 on January 1991, PNP Computer Service was officially organized. Through Resolution Number 2008-532 dated November 11, 2008, as approved by NAPOLCOM, Computer Service was renamed “Information Technology Management Service”. At present ITMS carries a broader responsibility in keeping records of data on crimes, it also performs general administrative work support for the PNP.


CAPT ALFONSO C TRANCE (PC) ~ 26 August 1965 – 11 August 1969

1st Commanding Officer of the Philippine Constabulary Data Processing Unit (PCDPU)

Acquisition of twenty eight (28) INM keypunching machines.

Acquisition of IBM Accounting and Tabulating machines.

Implemented the Nation- Wide Uniform Crime Case Report (NUCCR) Systems pursuant to Executive Order No. 127 dated 06 May 1968.


MAJ PEDRO M RESURRECCION JR (PC) ~ 16 August 1969 – 18 January 1971

CAPT CESAR C OKOL (PC) ~ 12 June 1971- 03 January 1972

CAPT GENARO ROSALES (PC) ~ 01 January 1972- 22 January 1972

Creation and activation of Crime Information Units (CRIUs) of the four (4) PC Zones of the Philippine Constabulary to carry out crime reporting in the field on 31 October 1969.

The CRIDPC building was inaugurated on 03 August 1971 with an IBM 360/30 Computer System


MAJ FELINO C PACHECO JR (PC) ~ 23 January 1972- 07 April 1976

P/DIR UMBERTO A RODRIGUEZ (PC) ~ 07 July 1976- 31 March 1986 

COL CESAR C OKOL ~ 01 April 1986- 16 October 1986

Acquisition of Sperry Rand Univac 9400-Dual Processor to allow Multi- Programming Task.

Development and Implementation of the Computerized Salary System for PC/INP Personnel.

Development and Implementation of PC Property Inventory System.

Development and Implementation of Computerized Firearms Licenses.

Development and Implementation of Computerized Licenses of Security/ Company Guards, Private Detectives and Agencies.

Introduced the ASSET approach in the development of Information Systems.

Implemented the Peace and Order Council (POC) Management Information System pursuant to Executive Order No. 727 dated September 1981 to enhance the peace and order campaign.

Construction of extension building to house the newly acquired Sperry Rand UNIVAC 1100.

Acquisition and installation of General Computer System (GCS2100) Machines.


PSSUPT RUFINO G IBAY JR ~ 17 October 1986- 14 May 1990

PSUPT JOHNNY H SALVANA ~ 15 May 1990- 15 January 1991

Initiated the transfer of Altos Computer System from Finance Center to Computer Center for processing of salary transaction.

Replaced the UNIVAC AC9400 with UNIVAC100.

COL ELPIDIO O ABLANG ~16 January 1991- 16 October 1991

BG LAUREL R VALDEZ ~ 17 October 1991- 06 March 1992 

The PC/INP Computer Center was renamed PNP Computer Center (PNPCC) on 08 August 1990.

Decommissioning of the UNIVAC AC1100 giving way to the new IBM9221/170 computers.
Replaced UNIVAC AC1100 with IBMES 9221/170.

PCSUPT ENRIQUE T BULAN ~ 16 March 1992- 16 October 1992

PSSUPT ANACLETO P ARQUE JR ~ 16 November 1992- 08 October 1995

PCSUPT TIRSO L ROSAL ~ 02 October 1995- 08 September 1998

PSSUPT JOHNNY H SALVANA ~ 08 September 1998- 16 September 1999

PNP Computer Center Won the Administrative Support Unit of the PNP for the Year 1999.

PCSUPT RICARDO F DE LEON ~ 16 September 1999- 13 January 2000 

Conceptualized Framework- linking CS, IRC and LSS mainframe computers for information sharing.

Revision of Nationwide Uniform Crime Case Report (NUCCR) to National Crime Reporting System (NCRS).

Development of Information Technology Policies & Guidelines and the Information Systems Strategic Plan.

Proponent of downsizing of the Mainframe Computer to Client Server Computing Environment (CEAP’95).

Installation of the PNP NHQ Campus Network.

Migration of Salary System from Mainframe to Client Server Computing Environment.

Remediation of all computer facilities and electronic related facilities to be Y2K ready.

Steered the Computer Service to become the Administrative Support Unit of the PNP for the Year 1999.

PC/INP COMPUTER CENTER (PC/INPCC) Won 2nd Time in a Row as the Best National Support Unit of the Year 2000

PCSUPT QUIRINO D DELA TORRE ~ 13 January 2000- 21 April 2003

Establishment and Operationalization of an Automated Command and Control facility at the Central Police District (CPD) NCRPO. The Computerized facility is a Pilot Project which shall be replicated in all Cities and Municipalities within the National Capital Region. It has the following modules:

Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)

Call Management System (CMS)

Computer Aided Dispatch System (CADS)

Development of the following Application Systems:

Firearms Information Management System (FIMS)

Vehicle Information Management System (VIMS)

Security Agencies and Guards Information System (SAGIS)

PNP Wanted Persons Database System

Computerized PNPID System

Philippine Drug Law Enforcement Information System

Complaints, Referral, Action and Verification System

Retirement Claim Information System

COC Incident Monitoring System

Establishment and operationalization of the PNP Web Site

Operationalization of the PNP Campus Network

Repair and renovation/improvement of PNPCS Offices:

Administrative Office

Data Management Division

Research and Development Division

Training Division/ Training Laboratory

Computer Operations Division/ Computer Room

Establishment of Regional Pilot Information Technology (IT) Offices.

Steered the PNPCS as the Best National Support Unit of the Year 2000.

PC/INP COMPUTER CENTER (PC/INPCC) Won 3rd Time in a Row as the Best National Support Unit of the Year 2001

PCSUPT JOHNNY H SALVANA ~ 28 April 2003- 20 February 2006

Steered the PNPCS as the Best National Administrative Support Unit for CY 2005

Steered the PNPCS as number one in the overall DHRDD Annual Performance Evaluation Review for National Administrative Support Unit for CY 2005

Implementation of the PNP Check less Payroll System (ATM) at the NHQ, NSUs, NCRPO and SAF.

Enhancement of the PNP Website by way of donation of over One Million Peso worth of ICT resources for MOD net.

Development of an Express Lane Firearms Licensing System installed in Davao City

Enhancement of the following ICT Projects:

PNP CRIMSON (Crime Reporting and Incident Management On- Line)

PNP WebPortal

Police Clearances

PNPCS Website

Development of the following Websites:

Anti- Illegal Drugs Special Operative Task Force (AIDSOTF)

Philippine Bomb Data Center




PCSUPT VAN D LUSPO ~ 06 April 2006- 02 July 2007

Approval of the NAPOLCOM Resolution No 2006-324 and CSC Resolution No 050910.

Allowing Graduates of IT-Related Baccalaureate Degrees to Become IT Officers Via Lateral Entry.

Establishment of the Network Security Firewall at the PNP Campus Network Server Farm.

Deployment of Licensed Anti-Virus Software to the PNP Campus Network and PNPCS LAN Workstations.

Upgrade of the PNPCS and PNP-NHQ Backbone from ATM to Mini-GBIC Switches.

Enhancement of the PNPCS Server Farm Network Bandwidth from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.

Acquisition of Line Printer Model P7220.

Development of Application Systems such as:

PCRG Complaints Management Information System

Neuro-Psychiatric (NP) Database Project

Patient Computerized Information System

Non-Uniformed Personnel Information System

Salary Verification Information System

Service Request Monitoring System

Data Integration and Generation System (DIGS)

Accreditation Management Information System (AMIS)

Enhancement of the PNP E-Mail Messaging Facility.

Renovation/Repainting of CS Building Facilities.

Conduct of Nationwide ICT Inventory.

Application of Biometrics Technology through Fingerprint Attendance Monitoring System.

Publication of ICON, the Official Newsletter of PNPCS.

Institution of Policies and Guidelines for PNP Security Manual.

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