The different offices or units of the PNP may avail of the following services by sending to ITMS a memorandum request. The request may also be scanned and send thru ITMS email address.

Computer Training, Schedule and Management

Conduct of computer training, schedule and management of computer training room by defining allocation to different users, processing use reservations, and monitoring usage of computer training room resources.

Computer Set-up, Configuration and Trouble Shooting

Setting up and configuration of computers, transferring of files, and configuring for network printing and standard repairs of PNP computers and IT hardware. Standby Support Repair Technicians. Replacement of IT Equipment Units. Inventory management / tracking of the PNP’s IT assets. 

Cyber Security Management

Incident response, investigation, assessment, support to training, dissemination computer security bulletin and awareness materials.

Detail of Personnel

Covers the detail of ITMS’s personnel IT Officer, PNCO and NUP in the different PNP offices PNP-wide.

Data Warehouse Data extraction, Report Generation and Printing

Data Warehouse generation of computer-based database system reports for operational and administrative uses. This also includes the regular printing of PNP payslips and pensioners related reports.

Email Utilization @PNP.GOV.PH

Issuance of email accounts for offices. Activation / deactivation of email accounts for offices.

Network Management

Providing of access to the network via wired, wireless, and dial-up connection. Design and provision of Local Area Networks.

ITMS Newsletter Publishing

Quarterly publication and dissemination of ITMS newsletter.

System Development and Revision

Design, development, implementation, documentation, and evaluation of computer/manual-based information systems. This service comes in the form of implemented computer-based information systems and enhanced manual-based systems as requested by the operational and administrative units to facilitate their daily operations. This also include development of web-based information systems and mobile applications.

Web Graphics and Publishing of Content

Both operational and administrative unit events and PCR activities through publishing flash banners at the PNP home page. Publication of official press releases, official announcements and other information for public release in the official PNP website

Website Creation

Support for the creation of public websites utilizing content management system for the different PNP offices.

Website Maintenance and Updating

Covers the maintenance of both PNP and ITMS public websites.

Social Media Operations.

Covers the utilization and management of social media by the different PNP offices.

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