1. Direct, supervise and control the Information Technology Management Service which shall include the movement, deployment, and utilization of its resources in the accomplishment of the following tasks:
    a. Design, develop, maintain and implement Information Systems for the different PNP Units/Offices;
    b. Build up and manage databases of Information Systems;
    c. Implement and enhance the PNP Information Systems;
         d. Maintain and expand coverage of the Data Communication Network;
         e. Develop and Implement Information Communication Technology (ICT) training programs for PNP personnel; and
         f. Conduct Information Technology (IT) related research and studies.
  2. Perform other tasks as directed by the Chief, PNP.


  1. Assist the Director, Information Technology Management Service in supervising, directing and coordinating the activities of the Information Technology Management Service pertaining to its administration.
  2. Advise and assist the Director, ITMS in the execution of policies, directives, programs and projects.
  3. As the second in command, perform other tasks as directed by the Director, ITMS and act in the latter’s absence.


  1. Advise and assist the Director, ITMS in the effective and efficient management of IT resources.
  2. Advise and assist the Director, ITMS in the effective and efficient management of ICT services being provided to other PNP units/offices.
  3. Perform other tasks as the third in Command in the Information Technology Management Service and as directed by the Director, ITMS.


  1. Direct, supervise and manage the administrative affairs of the Information Technology Management Service as well as facilitate coordination among the different Divisions and Units of the ITMS.
  2. Perform other tasks as directed by the Director, ITMS.


  1. Plan, coordinate and supervise the administrative requirements of the ITMS.
  2. Formulate and implement personnel development/management policies and programs to promote productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the ITMS.
  3. Translate decisions into directives concerning movement or assignment of its personnel.
  4. Manage the recruitment and placement of personnel and other related activities.
  5. Monitor and conduct performance evaluation of all ITMS personnel and submit necessary recommendations to Director, ITMS.
  6. Administer the referrals and dispatch of all incoming and outgoing communications.
  7. Prepare budget proposal and logistical support proposals of the ITMS.
  8. Responsible for the effective operation and maintenance of highly technical equipment at the ITMS as well as the technical research and evaluation of ITMS equipment for procurement.
  9. Responsible for the security, maintenance and cleanliness of the ITMS building and the surroundings.
  10. Perform other tasks as directed by the Director, ITMS.


  1. Design, implement, and maintain applications systems identified in the ICT Plan of different PNP Units/Offices.
  2. Responsible for application development activities in the units/offices through request.
  3. Support the implementation and enhancement of Information Systems developed by other Units.
  4. Conduct Information System audit to assess, review and recommend enhancement and update of developed Information System.
  5. Perform other tasks as directed by Director, ITMS.


  1. Ensure maintenance of computers, printers and auxiliary machines of PNP offices inside Camp Crame.
  2. Ensure the maintenance of servers, workstations, network devices and cables of the PNP Camp Crame Network.
  3. Setup and maintain network addressing scheme and record inventory of servers, workstations and network resources of the PNP Campus Network.
  4. Administer Network Servers of the PNP Camp Crame Network and ITMS.
  5. Troubleshoot servers and workstations of ITMS and other PNP offices at the NHQ.
  6. Formulate and implement network security policies for the PNP NHQ.
  7. Perform other tasks as directed by Director, ITMS.


  1. Develop, administer, maintain and monitor the PNP offices website.
  2. Provide security support services of data, information assets and IT infrastructures of the PNP.
  3. Implement and enforce ICT security policy to include investigation of security breach, and implement damage control measures.
  4. Plan, develop and implement organization-wide Information System, security policies.
  5. Plan, develop and implement Information Security protocols and procedures for proactive actions against all security issues.
  6. Provide periodic reports on IT Security Matters for the information of the Director, ITMS and Higher Headquarters.
  7. Perform other tasks as directed by Director, ITMS.


  1. Design, develop and conduct ICT-related training courses of the PNP.
  2. Implement and coordinate Police Education and Values Orientation Programs of the Command in coordination with the DHRDD.
  3. Undertake research on ICT-related activities and latest trends and updates towards continuous improvement of the organization.
  4. Develop and revise methods, procedures and standards to complement and adapt to the continuing changes of technological demand of the organization.
  5. Perform other tasks as directed by Director, ITMS.


  1. Formulate project plan, for the development of PNP Database including design, implementation, administration and maintenance.
  2. Recommend and implement policies for database standardization and integration.
  3. Implement database security policies.
  4. Provide regular backups to ensure that data are available when needed.
  5. Provide data preparation support/services for the databases for PNP data population.
  6. Provide services for the administration, maintenance and integration of data to the PNP Data warehouse coming from different IS databases of PNP Offices.
  7. Develop and recommend policies, manuals, and documentation for the effective operation of the PNP database warehouse.
  8. Perform other tasks as directed by Director, ITMS.


  1. Implement project management standards and best practices, submit report of project progress to executives and stakeholders, and assist in the prioritization of projects.
  2. Provide IT technical expertise to support and assist in the deployment and operationalization of flagship and priority Information System projects of the PNP from the National Headquarters down to Police Station Level.
  3. Provide assistance for the development of Information System applicable to the respective AOR of PNP offices nationwide.
  4. Provide technical support to IT resource operations of PNP offices nationwide.
  5. Coordinate with concerned PNP units on the conduct of IT-related trainings of the different PNP Units/Offices nationwide.
  6. Implement Information Security policies, guidelines and procedures to secure digital information and data in their respective offices.
  7. Develop webpages for online publications of respective offices police information to the public.
  8. Provide support for the employment and use of PNP online services of different PNP offices.
  9. Develop, review, and revise IT Project Management Plan.
  10. Formula specific change management strategy to promote smooth transitions during project implementation and ensure continuity and sustainability.
  11. Monitor and evaluate overall project impact as well as the activities/accomplishments of IT Project Offices during implementation of IT projects in the different PNP Offices.
  12. Perform other tasks as directed by the Director, ITMS.

Updated As of December 17, 2020