It is evident that the new era of technology has brought so much change into the lives of each and everyone.  Internet has drastically impacted the lives of the people in different scope.  The dependence of people to internet has significantly increased which placed their personal identity and information as possible target of cyber security threats.

Cybercrime has known to be one of the most rampant non-violent crimes recorded in the country, nowadays.  With the continuous rise in number of cybercrime incidents, the PNP thru the leadership of POLICE GENERAL GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR aims to intensify its war against cybercrimes and its violators.  With the mutual efforts of the Anti-Cybercrime Group and the Information Technology Management Service, a web-based Information System was conceptualized to be the organization’s tool to fight cybercrimes and cybercrime criminals in the country.

The Enhanced Anti-Cybercrime Campaign, Education, Safety and Security (E-ACCESS) was developed as the PNP’s technological tool to enhance the cybercrime investigation capability thru timely encoding of cybercrime data nationwide, with analytical capability in aid of cybercrime investigation.  The E-ACCESS is composite of 2 web-based information systems, the Cyberweb which is accessible to PNP authorized users and the Cybercrime Watch for the public stakeholders.

The Cyberweb aims to provide the PNP authorized users particularly the ACG and its regional units with an online system to collate, update and monitor all cybercrime information and incidents gathered thru the anti-cybercrime units nationwide.  The PNP cyber patrollers shall utilize the system as central repository of cybercrime data and generation of relative analytical and statistical reports that are essential to the PNP’s policing and law enforcement strategies.

The Cybercrime Watch is a public portal that provides cybercrime prevention campaign and awareness thru educational and informative video clips, narratives, infographics and other resources which are vital to safeguard an individual’s identity while in cyberspace.  The system shall also provide a web verification of online platforms of accounts which has been a subject of a verified complaints or with pending criminal case as cybercrime violators based on PNP ACG data.  The search function was designed with adherence to the Data Privacy Act and Its Implementing Rules and Regulations to protect the searcher’s voluntary personal information.

With the E-ACCESS in place and readily available, the PNP shall be able to uplift the public’s awareness and vigilance on cybercrimes and shall also strengthen the PNP’s fight against cybercrimes.