1. Plan, coordinate and supervise the administrative requirements of the ITMS.

2. Formulate and implement personnel development/management policies and programs to promote productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the ITMS.

3. Translate decisions into directives concerning movement or assignment of its personnel.

4. Manage the recruitment and placement of personnel and other related activities.

5. Monitor and conduct performance evaluation of all ITMS personnel and submit necessary recommendations to Director, ITMS.

6. Administer the referrals and dispatch of all incoming and outgoing communications.

7. Prepare budget proposal and logistical support proposals of the ITMS.

8. Responsible for the effective operation and maintenance of highly technical equipment at the ITMS as well as the technical research and evaluation of ITMS equipment for procurement.

9. Responsible for the security, maintenance and cleanliness of the ITMS building and the surroundings.

10. Perform other tasks as directed by the Director, ITMS.