Trunkline No: 723-0401

Office of the Director  
Director  4283
Office of the Deputy Director  4385
Office of the Deputy Director for IT Matters  5215
Office of the Chief of Staff  3315
PIO/PCR  4284
Legal Office/Command Inspectorate  4445
Administrative and Resource Management Division (ARMD)  
Personnel Section  4504
Budget Finance   4325
Logistics  4547
Information Technology Program Management Division (ITPMD)  
Information Technical Support Division (ITSD)  
C, ITSD / Hardware Maintenance Section  4535/4464
Systems Administration Section / Network Management Section  4415
IT Help Desk  4425
Information System Security Division (ISSD)  4225
Plans and Training Division (PTD)  4215
Data Management Division (DMD)  4435
Systems Management Division (SMD)  4235
Police Strategy Management Unit (PSMU)  4552
Information Desk  4286