Network Management Section (NMS) is responsible for the conduct of ocular site inspections for network connectivity and ensures maintenance, troubleshooting of network devices, cables and peripherals. Systems Administration Section (SAS), on the other hand, is responsible for the configuration of network peripherals and the deployment of anti-virus for the workstations within ITMS.

For the month of February, NMS has completed the installation of Local Area Network (LAN) of the Directorate for Plans (DPL) Annex and SAS has also completed the deployment of anti-virus for the ITMS workstations.

Installation of Local Area Network

The installation of the LAN of the DPL – Annex started on February 11, 2020 and was completed on February 20, 2020. The set-up includes the installation of plastic moldings, 23 network nodes and network cabinet rack and switch.

Installation of Anti-Virus and Computer Maintenance

SAS personnel had completed the installation of licensed anti-virus to ITMS workstations to safeguard from computer viruses.

Automatic defragmentation of disk drives are also scheduled regularly for the workstations to run efficiently and be analyzed if they need to be optimized.