The PNP Information Technology Management Service is implementing the Squad System as its main intervention for the Preventive Approach under the Enhanced Revitalized PNP Internal Cleansing Strategy towards the attainment of individual and organizational discipline, integrity and efficiency.

This is a proactive way to discipline and pre-empt misbehaviour among ITMS personnel, whether at work or off-duty. The ITMS Squad System is the primary activity under the Preventive Approach of the PNP Internal Cleansing which aims to refrain ITMS personnel to get involved in illegal activities by inculcating Love of God, Country, People, and Family.

As of this date, ITMS has already conducted a series of Squad Weekly Interactive Meetings (SWIM) joined by the following Values/Life Coaches: Pastor Jerry Garcia Jr of the PNP Chaplain Service; Pastors Jonah Martin, Susana Martin, Oliver Mutuc, Alex Castro, Joseph Alcahupas of the Ambassador of Christ The Savior; and Pastor Victor Diaz of the Follower of Christ Fellowship.