PNP UPER goes online

The Unit Performance Evaluation Rating (UPER) System of the PNPwas conceptualized as a standardized evaluation tool that shall be used in assessing the performance of the difference PNP offices/units nationwide. Through the UPER System, performance targets and accomplishments are qualified and quantified in measurable parameters with corresponding point allocation.

PNP Offices/Units nationwide are able to identify their performance targets and measure their respective accomplishments quarterly. Results of their UPER shall then be submitted to the Directorate for Plans (DPL) for recording, consolidation and reporting purposes.

In the course of the implementation of the UPER, challenges in the submission of timely and accurate rating, consolidation of rating, computation of results with ranking and the generation of overall UPER ranking report were encountered. With these challenges, the DPL thru the ITMS envisioned to have an information system for the UPER System.

Currently, the ITMS is developing an online information system for UPER to cater the needs of the different PNP offices/units nationwide. With a simplified process, PNP offices/units nationwide shall be able to submit their ratings timely and accurately. Also, the necessary rating computations, rankings and reports can be generated with ease and efficiency, consequentlyreinforcing transparency and accountability.

With the online UPER System, the PNP leadership shall be equipped with precise evaluation and assessment of all its PNP offices/units nationwide on their respective policing and law enforcement activities and accomplishments. Thus, the PNP shall be able to identify the needed support and requirements necessary to boost the organization’s policing and law enforcement strategies.

On March 12, 2020, the Online UPER System was presented to PMGEN CESAR HAWTHORNE R BINAG, The Acting Directorial Staff together with PBGEN REMUS ZACHARIAS P CANIESO, Executive Officer, Directorate for Plans, PLTCOL MA ANGELA M SALAYA, ITPO DPL, ITMS Development Team led by NUP Anna Lea A Ridulme.